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Zoar Creative is an award-winning, design-driven motion and production studio based in Los Angeles founded by Cody Redmer and Ji Yun Ha in 2013. We specialize in telling stories and creating experiences through the use of technology and cinematic tools. Our work has taken the form of film installations, media architecture, and network branding. 

We experiment, we collaborate, and we are always looking for ways to engage with people through innovative design.




Film and Broadcast design

Brand/ Identity design

Visual effects

Experiential design

Title design



Cody Redmer
Co-founder/ Creative director  

Cody Redmer is a LA-based Director and Designer for film, broadcast and digital installations.  With a background in Film production, he is often hands-on with all aspects of a project and often oversees them from concept through production, edit and sound design. He is well-versed in Compositing, 3D/2D animation, 3D, Live action direction, and shooting.

He founded Zoar Creative in 2014 and has worked with top brands such as Audi, CBS, FX, NBC, and Sony to name a few. He grew up in the cold tundra of the Midwest and his knowledge of fine coffee brew methods runs as deep as his AE comps.

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Ji yun Ha
Co-founder/ Creative director  

Ji Yun Ha is an Art Director and Graphic Designer based in Los Angeles. Ji is passionate about storytelling for brands and uses typography and illustration in her work through print, motion, and media architecture for various clients. Prior to founding Zoar, she has worked with Prologue Films, West SF, Psyop, and Method Studios among others. She was born in Korea and received her BFA in Graphic Design from Art Center in 2010.

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